Monday, October 17, 2011

Cebu Blogger halts for Donaire Narvaez live fight

It has been so long and I guess the Cebu Blogger is going to halt from posting articles on this blog for this month as I make way for some changes to another blog I write in to and to watch this weekend the Narvaez vs Donaire live streaming boxing match online. I have been subscribed to some sites where I watch streaming videos on time and live so I am going to use that since I don't have any television anymore here in my room where I work. I am betting my bottom dollar that Donaire will win over Narvaez in this fight.

Apart from this upcoming fight, I am also subscribed to the other interesting boxing match - Pacquiao vs Marquez III as it's going to be a classic 3rd installment and finally, I can see it end here with Pacquiao raising his hands over the knocked out Marquez. If JuanMa didn't win over Floyd, then I can see him getting knocked down this time for good by Manny Pacquiao.