Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First PR 9 Online News Wired

You read it right in the title. I have been on the internet for almost 6 years now and I haven't seen any other sites have a page rank of 9 except Google's own. But today, that has all changed to an extent that I saw my own eye spurt out seeing it.

Imagine even the New York Times did have that PR until now. So what was that online new website that has a page rank of 9? WIRED! Go ahead and take a look at it and you will notice that it has a PR 9. I've seen the best tech mag online in artechnica but this online news mag is really great.

I can sure use a little SEO tip from the one handling the site because of the simple fact that it is good to be trusted to have a PR 9 by Google's standards.

Friday, March 6, 2009

MMK Earned Bad Publicity in Angel Locsin's Blusa Episode

Angel Locsin did nothing to earn this controversy of an episode in MMK and we all know that she and Dimples Romana justified the roles they portrayed in the Blusa episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) but the issue here with the same episode earning so much comments regarding media abuse by airing misinformation.

Now, UPLB administration is out for justice in that ABS-CBN's MMK episode. Many comments from students in UPLB campus were roaming around demanding an explanation from the writer and face the consequence of a wrong information, demanding for a public apology. Personally, I am not sure about the case because we all know that even if an episode for sure is/ was written by writers, the directors will still have a big role in changing the story much like what many have claimed in the popular Twilight Movie based in the writer Stephenie Meyer's book.

For one thing, I know that the ABS-CBN management should have been responsible enough to take a peek at the story they are airing in MMK because they as well as we know that the program is known for its integrity to feature true-to-life stories all those years. Where is the award-winning program headed to with this kind of irresponsibility by authorities? What has happened to the integrity that was supposed to have been what MMK is made of winning awards of different sorts almost each year? What happened?

When Leaving is Not an Option But a Must

When does leaving someone you love ever become not an option anymore but a must? For a person who loves smiles and happy moments, I have come to know myself so. I have been impatient a lot of times but only in the web. With family, I always give time to give the best.

I must admit I feel like leaving for good but one thing sticks in my mind, my daughter. Who will she turn to when she needs someone to protect her when the mother she came to know who takes care of her all these years loves her second family brothers and sisters more than her? More than her husband?

What happens if beyond those caring done, the mind of a person caressing and hugging you or your daughter have something else in her mind? Would leaving her be an option especially if this has happened all your life and has caused you enough grief for all the years you have been together?

For sure, with this on hand, by now I should know that we are not the love of her life. That we are not a priority to her thoughts and her cares and her time. We lost her long ago when she sinned us the same, me an my daughter but this time, it's different. It has become blatantly face to face that even if I tried to understand, there came a point that I cannot anymore.

Would leaving then be an option or must?