Saturday, December 27, 2008

Overcrowded at Star City Philippines Theme Park

Once again, the holiday symptom is in the air at Star City Philippines theme park this Christmas day. It has been that way since I couldn't remember anymore because of the fact that all families and kids and children who got their money gifts from ninongs and ninangs (godparents). Kids who got the money to get in the theme park all flooded there because they all thought that it would be an enjoyable experience but they all failed their own expectations simply because Star City was overcrowded.

This is the scene over at Star City Philippines amusement park for so many years now and I am witness to this scene for about 2 years now since I personally worked inside in an amusement park tenant, Tom's World as the only technician maintenance of amusement machines and rides there.

Just for a very valuable tip to those who are planning to go to Star City Philippines theme park, never or at least avoid going to the park on holidays like Christmas and New year. The park is overcrowded and full of people and it will take you about 15 to 30 minutes just to fall in line and wait for a single ride to take.

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Pacquiao vs Hatton Fight is On

Pacquiao vs Hatton is finally ongoing and is scheduled to go through by May 2, 2009 if the negotionations pursue as planned according to ESPN blog I read today. "It's just a matter of time until a Ricky Hatton-Manny Pacquiao megafight is finalized." as it reads in the blog I found today which means that there are indeed ongoing negotiations between the two promoters, Bob Arum and Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, also the promoter of Hatton.

If the plan goes according to talks from each camp, the Pacquiao camp and Hatton camp, the fight is planned to take place where there is neutral venue and the initial talks said it will most likely be in Las Vegas or MGM Grand in the Thomas and Mack Center. If this happens, this will surely be a big bang for Manny Pacquiao who settled all doubts after defeating Oscar Dela Hoya by TKO last December 6.

This fight, the Pacquiao vs Hatton bout hopes to be one of the most promising start for the coming new year and if Pacquiao wins this one, there will surely be more big fights waiting for him for the Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 Days To Go Grand Finale

The grand finale to the "promotional items corporate gifts srednrab" is here in 2 days and all the major participants who are ranking in their respective entries to the SEO contest in the Philippines are all in a hurry to build links to their pages. The only problem however is that if there is enough time to do more things ahead of the said grand finale.

I just want to wish our entry good luck and I want to get going more each day, the same reason why I am still here doing a short post for a link scrape to the entry page we have to the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO contest. See you later alligator!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wordpress Changing Their Interface

Just more than a week ago, Wordpress changed their interface and I must admit that I didn't like this change at all. Of all the upgrade and changes that Wordpress has been in to this is probably the worst for me just the other day.

The change rendered me totally frustrated and annoyed at the navigation within the blog dashboard. It left me almost a few minutes clueless to where to go and head just to edit the comments section. I couldn't find the approve comment button anymore. This is something like watching Twilight the movie with a pirated DVD, nothing is ever clear.

I just hope that Wordpress will receive the same reaction as I personally don't have the time to make a research today about the different reasons to hate the new Wordpress interface. This is like SEO without link building.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Srednarb Promotional Items

We just launched a brand on the Srednarb Promotional Items Concepts page we have today and I would just like to make a short post announcing about the opening of a new page. We have removed the ads and taken out all other unnecessary stuff so we can make the page available clearer than ever for out visitors.

I also would like to wish our Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb page goodluck in the coming race which is about to finish by December 22 of this year. We just want to be there until the end of the race. It is now just more than a week to go before we can take out the other competitors we have so we are actually in a hurry to make the changes so that Google will what we have in store for our users and visitors.

There is also a big chance that other entries will take out the ranking that we already have today but we will not let them do that and we promise to make a constant daily promotion of our pages. We write regularly an article a week so that it helps us make sure that our Srednarb Promotional Gift Items will stay on top over the others. Good luck to all the participants and more to us.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cebu is Prime Tourist Destination in Philippines by 2009

Yes, I bet Cebu will be the prime destination for tourism this coming year 2009 and this is because if you look at the search in the internet for different keyphrases, Cebu is there. The Cebu car rental industry in fact have been earning quite a lot of good and positive response from tourists who visit the place each year and come back the year after.

Professional business websites have even been up to serve tourists in different fields like tourist guide websites, car rental websites, hotel websites, lodging houses, restaurants and more. This alone is enough to prove that tourist interest is focused more in Cebu province more than other provinces in the Philippines.