Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Also Want to Watch Twilight the Movie Online for Free

I am also one of those looking to watch Twilight the Movie online for free but I cannot find a decent streaming video out there even in torrents. I will try my luck in a few moments or perhaps a few more days if I can get to see where others are leading to see and watch the Twilight Movie online.

This is only because of the reason that I cannot go outside to see the Twilight movie due to heavy rains today and I decided to go looking for some information where I can watch one online because I heard a lot of buzz for other people who found a decent rips on the movie. Although I would not be suggesting that others follow, still I want to see if there is any lead to this.

I am one of those really eager to have a look at the Twilight Movie because the trailer alone is very enticing and it looks really promising. I have the Twilight Saga in 4 book issues here at home because my daughter as well as my sister who had her own hardbound copy of the Twilight Saga Series of books. Now, we have possession of Twilight book 1 - Twilight, book 2 - New Moon, book 3 - Eclipse and book 4 - Breaking Dawn.

Stylish Women Perfume and Gadgets

Women have always been known for being stylish and choosy in their perfume, gadgets and everything that they attached themselves with. From personal to private stuff, women have always had a taste that somehow makes them one of the hardest to please with the use of gifts or gift ideas. but being stylish as they are and hard to please when you give them things and stuff, they can be pretty easy to remedy. the secret ingredient for choosing the best gifts for women is having choices and what best to have one than going straight for comparison sites out there.

For example, we all know that girls do like jewelries but it makes them a little bit appreciative if you give them a great perfume. It surely brings out the smile in their faces if you do that. So the choice here is to go shop for a perfume. That which you know has the cozy taste they want and stylish brand they'd go for and can't resist. Fitness is also one of the best ways to put a smile in a woman's face and when we talk about it it makes them a little bit more excited. So probably you can go look for something that will make your woman happy with fitness gadgets. makes them feel a little bit sexy with such gift ideas.

Some would prefer stylish gadgets and with gadgets, there is the latest hip and trendy one, the iPod. women surely go crazy over them especially if you are planning to give one this holiday season. It's one of the best gift ideas and could be a good choice if you shop around in a comparison site where you have all the best choices in the world from amazing prices to the best brands and the hippest stylish gadgets in multiple varieties. If you're looking for anything perfect, I personally suggest that you come to your nearest and most convenient comparison site where you can choose perfectly. I'm an in the internet industry and I know what works best as a SEO and an internet guy.

YouTube Goes Wide Screen HD

YouTube is now on HD and available for those who have their high technology PC monitors at home and in the office. This new high-end development in the video streaming technology is perhaps not the first of its kind but is surely one of the best indicators that YouTube, the Google-owned video streaming and uploading service is up to some really good service both for all its users as well as all the SEO webmasters and bloggers out there who are looking up to the new service.

In the latest video on the Pubcon in the Las Vegas, it is part of the presentation of Bruce Clay, a well known search engine marketing consultant that Google is looking to develop some sort of a new algorithm that cannot be just set aside. The reason for this is because he has personally seen some great changes in the last quarter of this year as the biggest and most advanced search engine in the internet business today is our for something else this coming year 2009 for all SEOs out there who have been little by little resorting to different systems of analyzing and bringing traffic to clients and personal websites.

I hope that Bruce Clay is just right about his assumptions as this occurrence will bring in more professionals in the field of SEO and SEM or search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

See sample video presentation of Bruce Clay's "ranking is dead" in wide screen or HD below.

Watching TV in My New LCD TV and PC Monitor

I just bought last week an LCD TV Monitor which is at the same time a PC monitor that I use for working online. This new LCD technology added up some comfort in my work as a SEO and a blogging fanatic because my very own which I just bought gives me the advantage to write on my blogs while looking at what's latest in the internet today.

Next year, I am looking forward to buy myself a new laptop computer with a high-end digital camera where I can post directly the pictures that I want to use and have them taken outright when I need it. This will be double as an achievement the I've always been looking to achieve next year as 2008 passes away. A new aim and a new year will be best for me if I can accomplish these targets as soon as possible.

This will offer to me, not just convenience but more of what I always look forward to achieve in my internet life and personal life as well. This could also mean double the convenience and double the time that it will take me to do my work in the most convenient venue which is just in my desk where my LCD monitor and digital camera is. Imagine that I do not even have to go anywhere else to be able to do my hobby of writing to my blog and working in the web if I get my dream laptop computer by next year.

By the way, there is an interesting place in the internet today that you might be interested to visit and buy your LCD TV needs as well as your laptop computer and digital camera just in case. This is SAVEBUCKETS.COM - a comparison site where e offers and prices are simply amazing for choosing the best deals just before you buy anything you need. Take it from the name itself - save buckets!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Daughter's School Yearbook

We just received my daughter's school yearbook which was supposed to be distributed 2 years ago. It was quite a very tiring wait and caused us to forget all about it even if we actually paid for it in full including the tuition fees at Espiritu Santo Parochial School. Imagine this is a private school and yet it took them 2 years before we received the yearbook of my daughter who is now almost my height after all those years?

Is this really how it is when we talk about yearbook in the Philippines schools. I remember when it was my time where I studied in a public school that I had the same experience but I know that it did not take our school 2 years to have the graduate yearbook printed. My God!!! This is really very tiring for us.

PR 3 of Cebu SEO blog is Back at Last

This blog, the Cebu SEO Blog lost its PR 3 a few weeks ago and I don't know the reason why except that I had this blog left over in terms of link building but I make sure that I post here at least once a week. What I did was to edit all my links and took out the footer link that I put in the HTML of this template. Google must've not liked it putting your home page link in their template footer.

I also removed a few links that I forgot to remove after this blog landed 4th in a SEO contest in one of the widgets. That could have triggered Google to put back my PR 3. I just want to say thank you to Google and to my effort in seeking where I've done wrong to receive such penalty for that matter. I also learned a few good lessons back there while doing things to get the PR back.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Google Blogger's Guide

I just read from Sphinn today that there is a blogger's guide released by Google but I am not really sure if this is something new or old already. I just want to inform some of the local bloggers as well as bloggers from around the world about Google's Guide for bloggers.

This is something that will really help a lot of bloggers from around the world and I know that very few doesn't know anything about this yet so just visit the link I have in this post just above this sentence for those who are interested to read about the said blogger's guide released by Google.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeds Submission for SEO

I have always thought for a long time that there is really no need to apply RSS syndication system and submit my blog feed to the whole of the web and make it available for everyone to syndicate. At least that's the way I thought about it for years until I have personally seen how effective they can be to help each of my posts rank and get seen by the search engines as easy as everyone would like to.

For anyone who think the same as I did a few years back then, I would suggest that you follow the suggestion I want to make you realize with, submit your content and make it available in as little time as you can and you will see the difference. If you would like to try to find out for yourself, then, welcome to the club of the lonely waiting people for their blog posts to find its right place in the search results in as little time as you like it to appear there. Submit your RSS/Atom/XML feeds now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Wordpress Plug In Releases

10 new Wordpress Plug Ins were released the other day in the Wordpress New Plug In Release blog. For those of you who are geeks and fanatics of WP, you might want to check on them now so you can get a first hand first on them all.

There are also a lot of updates to other WP plug ins and you might want to check if yours is one of them so you can make the update and be not left behind. There is more there than you can think of so go now and visit.

Beware of Fake Malicious Wordpress Blogs

I read today from WordPress News about some roaming fake WP blogs. They are said to be malicious blogs pretending to be or seemingly from WordPress but they are not. According to the WordPress News that I read today, the site name is Wordprezs.Org.

The site obviously took advantage of the misspelling of the URL and they also spoofed the official WordPress site. As Users, you are all urged in the news to pay close attention to the words and URL that you type in your address bar all the time to avoid getting lost in the said malicious site.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Problem with SEO Contests Using Static Sites

This is just my very own opinion and in no other terms related to whatever SEO contest is out there for a race today. I would just like to burst out a small but may be worthy opinion here regarding SEO contests like what this blog has been in to recently. Anyway, my URL alone tells it that this blog used to be for the sole purpose of generating a relevant entry to a contest where this very same blog went to the 4th place but got no prize at all because the prizes were only awarded up to the third postion.

Let us head to the point of what the title tells it. Using static sites for an SEO contest and sponsoring it might just not work for the purpose. Why? One of the reasons why I don't approve of any SEO contest (in my own opinion) with the use of a static site is that this will only amplify tardiness with webmasters. We all know that a webmaster or allow me to call them SEO is usually laiden with a lot of jobs and other workd aside from their own sites to handle ang take care of and we all know about this fact.

This being the case, SEOs wouldn't usually want to waste their time making a static site just to join a contest that will most last up to 3 months and only to win small prices including prestige if I may count it. So what's in it for them? fun? I bet not? Prestige, maybe but who want's it when the exchange rate of that small prize will only last a few weeks or even days?

Just some good old opinion and I just can't help writing it here just to let others know the consequence of launching a contest that is based on an entry that is a static site. Anyway, here's another problem with that case. If a participant will use a static site, and all the other site that he will use will give links leading only to theit entry and not to the contest sponsors. That would surely hurt a lot because we all know that SEO contest purpose is for marketing and that is marketing by getting links from the same SEO contest participants, whereas if you are the sponsor and you only allow blogs, then there will be more who are interested to join. Because we all know that blogs are a common possession to any internet webmaster, then that would be equivalent to more participants and more links which in return will generate more links for your purpose if you are the sponsor than launching an SEO contest that is based on entries using a static site. Makes sense?

Aside from the factor of time frame in making a webpage, the links that you will generate for your business if you are the sponsor and the number of joining participants, there really is more which is actually small but is worth a look. SEOs like easy ways and not just SEOs but almost all of us if possible, so to generate more interest in your contest, I think you'g rather use blogs than static sites. Anyway, this is just an opinion and nothing more. Good luck to all of you SEOs all over the world who are right now in to an SEO contest!