Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeds Submission for SEO

I have always thought for a long time that there is really no need to apply RSS syndication system and submit my blog feed to the whole of the web and make it available for everyone to syndicate. At least that's the way I thought about it for years until I have personally seen how effective they can be to help each of my posts rank and get seen by the search engines as easy as everyone would like to.

For anyone who think the same as I did a few years back then, I would suggest that you follow the suggestion I want to make you realize with, submit your content and make it available in as little time as you can and you will see the difference. If you would like to try to find out for yourself, then, welcome to the club of the lonely waiting people for their blog posts to find its right place in the search results in as little time as you like it to appear there. Submit your RSS/Atom/XML feeds now.