Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PR 3 of Cebu SEO blog is Back at Last

This blog, the Cebu SEO Blog lost its PR 3 a few weeks ago and I don't know the reason why except that I had this blog left over in terms of link building but I make sure that I post here at least once a week. What I did was to edit all my links and took out the footer link that I put in the HTML of this template. Google must've not liked it putting your home page link in their template footer.

I also removed a few links that I forgot to remove after this blog landed 4th in a SEO contest in one of the widgets. That could have triggered Google to put back my PR 3. I just want to say thank you to Google and to my effort in seeking where I've done wrong to receive such penalty for that matter. I also learned a few good lessons back there while doing things to get the PR back.