Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Watching TV in My New LCD TV and PC Monitor

I just bought last week an LCD TV Monitor which is at the same time a PC monitor that I use for working online. This new LCD technology added up some comfort in my work as a SEO and a blogging fanatic because my very own which I just bought gives me the advantage to write on my blogs while looking at what's latest in the internet today.

Next year, I am looking forward to buy myself a new laptop computer with a high-end digital camera where I can post directly the pictures that I want to use and have them taken outright when I need it. This will be double as an achievement the I've always been looking to achieve next year as 2008 passes away. A new aim and a new year will be best for me if I can accomplish these targets as soon as possible.

This will offer to me, not just convenience but more of what I always look forward to achieve in my internet life and personal life as well. This could also mean double the convenience and double the time that it will take me to do my work in the most convenient venue which is just in my desk where my LCD monitor and digital camera is. Imagine that I do not even have to go anywhere else to be able to do my hobby of writing to my blog and working in the web if I get my dream laptop computer by next year.

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