Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Problem with SEO Contests Using Static Sites

This is just my very own opinion and in no other terms related to whatever SEO contest is out there for a race today. I would just like to burst out a small but may be worthy opinion here regarding SEO contests like what this blog has been in to recently. Anyway, my URL alone tells it that this blog used to be for the sole purpose of generating a relevant entry to a contest where this very same blog went to the 4th place but got no prize at all because the prizes were only awarded up to the third postion.

Let us head to the point of what the title tells it. Using static sites for an SEO contest and sponsoring it might just not work for the purpose. Why? One of the reasons why I don't approve of any SEO contest (in my own opinion) with the use of a static site is that this will only amplify tardiness with webmasters. We all know that a webmaster or allow me to call them SEO is usually laiden with a lot of jobs and other workd aside from their own sites to handle ang take care of and we all know about this fact.

This being the case, SEOs wouldn't usually want to waste their time making a static site just to join a contest that will most last up to 3 months and only to win small prices including prestige if I may count it. So what's in it for them? fun? I bet not? Prestige, maybe but who want's it when the exchange rate of that small prize will only last a few weeks or even days?

Just some good old opinion and I just can't help writing it here just to let others know the consequence of launching a contest that is based on an entry that is a static site. Anyway, here's another problem with that case. If a participant will use a static site, and all the other site that he will use will give links leading only to theit entry and not to the contest sponsors. That would surely hurt a lot because we all know that SEO contest purpose is for marketing and that is marketing by getting links from the same SEO contest participants, whereas if you are the sponsor and you only allow blogs, then there will be more who are interested to join. Because we all know that blogs are a common possession to any internet webmaster, then that would be equivalent to more participants and more links which in return will generate more links for your purpose if you are the sponsor than launching an SEO contest that is based on entries using a static site. Makes sense?

Aside from the factor of time frame in making a webpage, the links that you will generate for your business if you are the sponsor and the number of joining participants, there really is more which is actually small but is worth a look. SEOs like easy ways and not just SEOs but almost all of us if possible, so to generate more interest in your contest, I think you'g rather use blogs than static sites. Anyway, this is just an opinion and nothing more. Good luck to all of you SEOs all over the world who are right now in to an SEO contest!


Collin - Build a Niche Store said...

Blogs are have a lot more power behind them and not to mention Google loves blogs so why anyone would ever create a static site is beyond me. There is no point behind them unless your using it for PPC.

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