Sunday, September 28, 2008

Plagiarizing my Capiz Review Blog Again

Ok, someone did again copied my CAPTIVATING CAPIZ content and I was only able to learn about it today after logging in to my Wordpress Account and seeing the link in my dashboard coming from another blog in the F.A, school. It's obvious from the sidebar links that this new plagiarist did copied my content intentionally because there is not much of a conten that you can find in there.

My Capiz blog
is supposed to be a way to promote the island with really good content in there but it seems that some students there do not want to have the island promoted with the use of my Capiz blog. It seems that students in the F.A school there do not know how to write and make their own research about their own place. Nakakahiya ito sa mga estudyante ng F.A. if this is another case of plagiarism. Nakakahiya talaga kayo kasi this proves na bobo ang mga estudyante dyan and all they want to do is to copy content from the good resource.

This is an obvious stealing from me from what you can see in the date of the posts. The professor responsible for the students seem did not even teach his students about plagiarism and didn't even bother to check the works of his students. I don't want to say bad words sana eh but with people like that I don't have time to pay respect. "THEY DON'T DESERVE RESPECT"

I think as a last resort I will go and contact the governor of Capiz about this issue and have the students or professor/s or the person responsible for this plagiarism act to be punished. Madali ko lang gawin yan and I can do so much with nothing to be afraid of kasi I know that I am on the right side. It will be easy to PIN DOWN THE CULPRIT because I have leads.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halfway the Capiz Contest

We are reaching now halfway of the captivating Capiz contest and I want to be sure that there will be changes for this blog so this time I am about to change to title tag to see a difference if the rankings will get jiggered up.

What i did was to take away the quotes for the contest title tag which used to be "captivating capiz blog" and then turned into "cativating capiz srednarb" and now I took the quotes out to simply make it captivating capiz and removed srednarb to see what will happen.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SEO on the Race for Srednarb Domains

At first I thought that there are so many among Filipino SEOs looking for the different domains that they can buy for the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb SEO contest but I was surprised to see that there are only a few who were indexed. There's still a lot of domains available for the contest entry if SEO are still looking for them today.

I'm beginning to think now if the decision of the organizer to have all techniques in would be a good decision at all for the contest rules because it seems that Google is not the one slow for the indexing of the contest entries but instead, the different SEO people were not yet on to any move. If they are planning to do something in the last few minutes of the contest, there is no way that the major sponsors will get what they want from the participants.

It should have been only white hat for my own opinion because if those who are planning to pour their all in link building the easy way, it will be hard for Google to find out about anything fishy so for those who are up to something in the last minute, I bet that this will only work in the last minute and not along the contest. The sponsors will not benefit from links in the indexed pages today because all the blogs are leading to the entries and not to the sponsor pages. This is just a safe opinion anyway and I still have a lot of work to do to be able to have a site indexed for the said SEO contest. I also read that Google does not encourage domains that are really dynamic and turning them into static by changing file names. This could be a turning point in the entry I am doing a push in to.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Contest

There is a newly launched SEO contest in the Philippines, the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" contest and I must admit it is truly a high priced SEO contest but requires a lot of the rules to be followed by all the contestants who are vying for the top spot. There will be more of the contestants soon but what I am after today is to make a little impression to help a friend and give him a few links using the posts that I am making for the said SEO contest.

There will be more on the results soon and right now when you type in the the keyphrase "Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb", you will only see a few in the results so this post hopes to be there soon before the bulk of the websites of the participants make it to the top spot. All SEO tactics are in which means that to get early in the spot, the participants will have to make an initial grey or black technique. Well, this is just some presumption because everybody wants to be there when the race begins tomorrow.

Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb
SEO contest, here I go. i want to be there even just for a short time and this is an effort to do just that to be able to get it fast and as early as possible.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Students Should Be Guided by Teachers

Today the dilemma finally ended after a few days of battle to topple the effects of the work of a student who didn't realize the effects of copy pasting my content in the CAPTIVATING CAPIZ race. I would like to thank the admin and the organizer of the contest who helped me as well as the people who also gave their insights on the event of such a learning experience both for me and the person who copied my content about Capiz.

I took pride at being copied for reasons that is obvious that my content indeed is good enough to be wanted to appear in another blogger's blog just to say there is something there is on his part. I cannot blame the person but what I am so pittyful is that he did not realize how bad a mistake he did be it intentional to put me down in the captivatin Capiz contest or just to make up with some class requirement in school.

I hope this will serve as a lesson to all those who are looking to enter into the limelight of blogging because if you think that it is that easy to learn, I bet you not. Most of the time you will have to undergo a lot of experiences to be able to make yourself good at it. Anyway, there really is no ruch on that, just some learning experience on both me, the person who copied my content, the teacher and also those who are looking to blog.

For the person who copied my content, I urge you to still write but with dignity in giving your own idea to contribute to whatever is already there. Make some review instead of copying. This is just the start for you and you take it as a challenge next time and be cautiously doing things easy. It is important that when we do things, we know about it. There is always no need to rush things up and make a few hours of research just like what I did to arrive at the content that got copied. I don not blame you if you are literally new to bloggging but if you did this intentionally, it's your call.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My SEO Technique Made it to the World SEO Contest

What does the quote sign [" "] mean in the search engine language? It means as we all know from our html as exact match or exact phrase. When added to a keyword, it means that you are only allowing an exact match for a keyword therefore only allowing the search engines to see that you are targeting a specific keyword or keyphrase which a very good choice to use in a contest that so far always have 1 keyword of keyphrase.

I have used this technique for so many times now in so many SEO contests and I bet that this works and have been seen to work for all occasion if you are looking for the perfect chance to have your content or website indexed only on 1 phrase.

I have also seen how others were able to imitate this technique in the Busby SEO contest and I bet it helped a fellow Filipino win the 4th place in that SEO contest. Yes, my personal technique which nobody really sees anywhere else but first in my backyard have been even seen in some world SEO contests being used by a fellow Filipino participant. Congratulations!!! Mind you, I am the first one to use that technique and a frien knows all about that when we used it in another small SEO contest and had it tested there.

Now, I am also using that same technique and I tried puttin it in the title tag to see more of the great effects that it can give to my entry. I am joining the "Captivating Capiz" contest and I am using that same technique and I saw that there are already quite a lot of followers who also have been using my technique.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Change of Plans for an Entry to Captivating Capiz Race

Soon, some of the entries we have for the Captivating Capiz mini SEO contest will eventually drop down from the rankings because I am not doing anything for those entries but what surprises me is that it seem untouchable for now for its target keyword. This proves further that optimized pages rock in Google and that if we only take the time to optimize our posts and pages for a keyword using a blog, we will get there soon even if we don't do any aggressive link building for it.

Pages naturally rank well and will get their target position for a keyword especially if there is enough good content and you optimized it to arrive there. Many people say that content is king and indeed it is true and it proved here at the mini SEO contest dubbed as "Captivating Capiz".

Captivate Capiz now!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Roving Around with Captivating Capiz Results

I was looking round tonight at the captivating Capiz results in Google and I saw a lot of what I did already in the top 20 results indexed. I do not know what they all meant because honestly, I still am figuring it out how to explore something here but since I didn't think of anything else upon seeing the results that had me up to maybe about 5 out of 20 results so I hurried it up here in my Blogger dashboard to write something and see the effects the next day. It's already late so probably, whatever the result of this move can be a decisive effort on the next few days. Please read below by visiting some of my indexed links for the challenge on the keyword captivating Capiz.

It's up to the search engines to see if it fits the puzzle tomorrow.

Only 2 Entries for the Captivating Capiz Race

The "CAPTIVATING CAPIZ" got so far 2 legitimate entries on its back to pursue the said contest and now there will be more soon I hope because there really is no thrill when the competing sites are very few. I believe that I will soon see a lot more of those entries on top over me just like today when I searched for the keyword and surprised that someone got ahead of my top 2 position entries.

This is really going to be one of the most interesting contests ever that I will join and I know that there is more to this captivating Capiz SEO contest than just what I learned and experienced in the Cebu SEO contest that ended just a few days ago. Now let's rock and roll and visit other captivating Capiz entries and join this one. It's going to be more fun when we are plenty.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Illusion Travel to Captivating Capiz

The Cebu SEO contest just finished and now there is a new SEO contest launched for the keyword "captivating Capiz". There are only a few pages indexed and I wanted to take advantage of this early so that this page will have its tell in the end while the others are still sleeping on their pillows.

Nobody seems to realize that SEO is a battle of who gets on top of the results for a keyword or keyphrase as early as possible. The early bird always gets the healthiest worm in this case so I have to try to take the results early. The first SEO contest is some experiment to see where SEO efforts lead this blog. It is not yet indexed in Yahoo but I have a strong gut feeling that there is something for this blog without even a link to it using any related keyword for the "captivating Capiz" keyword.

The others were already there and I would like to see where this post lands tonight so I have to make sure that this blog post is posted tonight also. See you there guys!!! "CAPTIVATING CAPIZ" here we go.

Monday, September 8, 2008

This Blog Landed 4th on the Cebu SEO Contest

I am glad that this blog landed on the 4th in the recently concluded Cebu SEO contest. This is not bad because although I did not really win anything at all among the contest prizes, I still won a lot in terms of learning using this SEO contest as an experiment.

This is the nth time that I have been to an SEO contest and next time there will more than just learning from it I will win it and do all my best to be the best when the results go final. Thank you to the sponsor of this contest and for all the participants who joined. Also to a friend James.

It was such an experience and I love it. I would like to congratulate Bleuken for winning the contest because he did his share and did his best among us all participants.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Magic Bullet for the Cebu SEO Contest - An SEO Technique Challenge

This is a win win try to get the top 3 spots of the Cebu SEO contest and I'm really not sure if this will have an effect to the last few 4 hours of the contest, I just wanted to prove something here and instead of making anymore of those blurbs I immediately get in touch with some of my resources and use them here to see if this will eventually give a little push in the SERPS today./

The entries are all established there and I don't think I will be left out without any effort for this SEO contest at all. This will decide if I still have enough time to thinks and prove something else is worth a try for the Cebu SEO contest. I just wan to make some additional details available for the searhc engines to see if they really work while doing a lot of effects and magic bullet SEO. There is nothing left to do. This is the last effort and I am not sure if this has something to do with some entries ranking but this is just what I wanted to see through and prove if effective or not.

I really loose nothing in this contest but I am sure that this will either make or break my entry. If this one doesn't make it for me, then I will avoid using it for my own clients as well. I am not looking more on winning the Cebu SEO challenge but more on learning and this is an ultimate learning for me to prove what this technique can really do in terms of SEO especially in a contest.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Looks for Something New to Display in the Cebu Contest Index

The Cebu SEO contest has been one of the most stressful contests that some Visayan bloggers ever had and i know it from their contest posts. The thing is that even if that is the case and this is not mine at all, I never fail to take a peek in the results everyday. Sometimes I even use the internet cafe because I am out of Metro Manila and very far in Cebu even. I go to Cavite at most during weekends because my parents live there.

Back to the SEO contest. I tried to see the results and take a very definitive and anlyzing look at what's in my face right now and I see that there is nothing new but one thing that some of the participants would like to learn from this experience. Google seems to like every now and then something new in their index and not just some Cebu SEO contest centered posts and social bookmarkings. I tried it, really as in I tried what the guys, my competitors out there are up to and I see that they all want a piece of Digg and Mixx and StumbleUpon and the rest of the high PR social bookmarking sites but what struck me high on my hypothalamus is the compelling TRUTH THAT GOOGLE LIKES TO DISPLAY IN THEIR INDEX A LITTLE OF DIVERSITY. Google is sick and tired of full spam and I must admit I did spam just to make a few things proven before my eyes. I know that they won't work at all but still I did it for the sake of learning all about that matter.

Using social bookmarking will always have an advantage but when the search engines get so sick and tires of the SEO contest being mentined probably a few thousand time already, there has to be something more than just "Cebu SEO contest". Google likes diversity and the use of their only and most effective tool, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what diversities can be used to implement link building for a contest entry.

For those in the Cebu SEO contest, this is a tip. just try and make your posts and link building effort a lot different from what you wanted to concentrate on and you will surely be benefited from that move. I have observed that this works and never fails to work all the time for all of the contest participants but they just don't notice that at all. They don't try to be as sensitive as what the search engines are and this results to banning of their entries until they loose everything else they have which is the high rankings.

I will try to drive more ways into the experiemnt until today but tomorrow I will stop all of what I am doing because I want to be there just for fun and learning. I am just hoping that my Cebu SEO contest entry will make it to the top 3 spots on Google by 6 pm tomorrow which is the contest cutt off time. Wishing all the participants especially those who are on the top 10 spots. Anything else can happen and you better watch out for that entry of mine because there will be more links coming in and I bet they will have a dramatic effect by tonight September 7 midnight.

I don't really want to disappoint anyone and that includes myself but I am hoping that this experiment will end in a flurry that no one ever thought would be a possible feat for my SEO experiment entry. I want to prove something and I want to see that it gets proven using this contest so watch out and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Revealing the Busby SEO Contest Technique

The recently concluded Busby SEO contest is a flurry in the results with IMFreakz winning over their competitors and the Sphere Team landing only 2nd to them. The Filipino entry went to the 4th top spot and got what needs to be with a late session for the said SEO contest.

Now here is something to feast on and I want to share it here for the benefit of those who are looking for more information and want to win the Cebu SEO contest. This is a video that I got while browsing for good SEO blogs out there.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Full Feed Subscription Now Available at Cebu SEO Contest Blog

Full subscription to the best Cebu SEO contest blog is now open for all. For those who want to take advantage of my new look, then this is your chance to get all my updates as you only have to subscribe to either of the choices below just below my blog posts.

Go ahead and click one of the icons to get updates of my blog. For those who want to get a hold of this blog and imitate the style of this blog, go ahead and do it because I will leave you with a warning - Imitate it but Never Duplicate it! >>-----> The Cebu SEO contest blog by SAM.

And Google Chrome is Out - Will Cebu SEO Contest Contestants Bite?

Google Chrome is now out for download and I know what will happen. Chrome is still in beta testing and I bet that there will be a lot of SEO contest contestants of the Cebu SEO contest who are wondering what Google Chrome is all about. This is a revolutionary Google now.

This is a new era of Browsing for all SEOs and this is also open for all of you guys out there who are constantly on the lookout for the Cebu SEO contest results. I'm coming up there soon and this time I want you all to take me to your leader. This is the same comment that I sent booming in the SEO contest organizer's comment box for the contestants of the Cebu SEO contest.

You can also find an announcement in the Official Google Blog about Google Chrome Beta.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally Cebu SEO Contest Atom Feed Submitted

I finally did it with a few submission of my Atom feeds to some blogging directories out there, I hope to help spread the news in this blog much faster and without the need to do more pings everytime.

This is going to be more enjoyable for me as an SEO and be able to do so many things for an SEO contest such as what the Cebu SEO contest can offer for me. This is one of the biggest time that I alotted to this blog today< I never had the time to do things so I tried to find a way to do this now because there is a spare time and I took advantage of it.

The Cebu SEO Contest did Not End

I was surprised that the Cebu SEO contest did not end yesterday after the organizer himself announced. I actually read in his rules that the said SEO contest was really about to end on September 8 but it seems everything else changed into September 2 but now its back again to the first original date.

What seems to be happening to the contest? What could be behind this sudden change of plans for the SEO contest checkpoint? Is there something hidden here or what? I do not know anything yet here but from my point of view the contest shouldn't have been moved in the first place. This will surely generate doubts as to what the organizer wants to do or what's in his mind extending the said contest.

Cebu SEO Contest Ends Today

Finally, the Cebu SEO contest ends today with a lot of controversies and other side bets after 2 months that it took off. This is just some small SEO contest but I guess what contributed to the chaos which only took a while are the rules.

Yes it is with the rules which is actually 0 rule contest. Anyone with a site that can give the organizer a link and post a blog about the contest plus make that site rank on top in Google with the keyword Cebu SEO contest September 2, 2008 wins. There are only 3 prizes so the winning entries will take only the top 3 slots.