Friday, September 12, 2008

Change of Plans for an Entry to Captivating Capiz Race

Soon, some of the entries we have for the Captivating Capiz mini SEO contest will eventually drop down from the rankings because I am not doing anything for those entries but what surprises me is that it seem untouchable for now for its target keyword. This proves further that optimized pages rock in Google and that if we only take the time to optimize our posts and pages for a keyword using a blog, we will get there soon even if we don't do any aggressive link building for it.

Pages naturally rank well and will get their target position for a keyword especially if there is enough good content and you optimized it to arrive there. Many people say that content is king and indeed it is true and it proved here at the mini SEO contest dubbed as "Captivating Capiz".

Captivate Capiz now!