Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Looks for Something New to Display in the Cebu Contest Index

The Cebu SEO contest has been one of the most stressful contests that some Visayan bloggers ever had and i know it from their contest posts. The thing is that even if that is the case and this is not mine at all, I never fail to take a peek in the results everyday. Sometimes I even use the internet cafe because I am out of Metro Manila and very far in Cebu even. I go to Cavite at most during weekends because my parents live there.

Back to the SEO contest. I tried to see the results and take a very definitive and anlyzing look at what's in my face right now and I see that there is nothing new but one thing that some of the participants would like to learn from this experience. Google seems to like every now and then something new in their index and not just some Cebu SEO contest centered posts and social bookmarkings. I tried it, really as in I tried what the guys, my competitors out there are up to and I see that they all want a piece of Digg and Mixx and StumbleUpon and the rest of the high PR social bookmarking sites but what struck me high on my hypothalamus is the compelling TRUTH THAT GOOGLE LIKES TO DISPLAY IN THEIR INDEX A LITTLE OF DIVERSITY. Google is sick and tired of full spam and I must admit I did spam just to make a few things proven before my eyes. I know that they won't work at all but still I did it for the sake of learning all about that matter.

Using social bookmarking will always have an advantage but when the search engines get so sick and tires of the SEO contest being mentined probably a few thousand time already, there has to be something more than just "Cebu SEO contest". Google likes diversity and the use of their only and most effective tool, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what diversities can be used to implement link building for a contest entry.

For those in the Cebu SEO contest, this is a tip. just try and make your posts and link building effort a lot different from what you wanted to concentrate on and you will surely be benefited from that move. I have observed that this works and never fails to work all the time for all of the contest participants but they just don't notice that at all. They don't try to be as sensitive as what the search engines are and this results to banning of their entries until they loose everything else they have which is the high rankings.

I will try to drive more ways into the experiemnt until today but tomorrow I will stop all of what I am doing because I want to be there just for fun and learning. I am just hoping that my Cebu SEO contest entry will make it to the top 3 spots on Google by 6 pm tomorrow which is the contest cutt off time. Wishing all the participants especially those who are on the top 10 spots. Anything else can happen and you better watch out for that entry of mine because there will be more links coming in and I bet they will have a dramatic effect by tonight September 7 midnight.

I don't really want to disappoint anyone and that includes myself but I am hoping that this experiment will end in a flurry that no one ever thought would be a possible feat for my SEO experiment entry. I want to prove something and I want to see that it gets proven using this contest so watch out and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


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cebu seo contest is ending today at 6 PM.

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This is my own Cebu SEO contest digg.