Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Illusion Travel to Captivating Capiz

The Cebu SEO contest just finished and now there is a new SEO contest launched for the keyword "captivating Capiz". There are only a few pages indexed and I wanted to take advantage of this early so that this page will have its tell in the end while the others are still sleeping on their pillows.

Nobody seems to realize that SEO is a battle of who gets on top of the results for a keyword or keyphrase as early as possible. The early bird always gets the healthiest worm in this case so I have to try to take the results early. The first SEO contest is some experiment to see where SEO efforts lead this blog. It is not yet indexed in Yahoo but I have a strong gut feeling that there is something for this blog without even a link to it using any related keyword for the "captivating Capiz" keyword.

The others were already there and I would like to see where this post lands tonight so I have to make sure that this blog post is posted tonight also. See you there guys!!! "CAPTIVATING CAPIZ" here we go.


captivating capiz said...

hello po... blog hopping.

goodluck sa atin lahat na participants sa SEO contest na to..


bleuken said...

this post is the valid entry for the contest not the main site. - bleuken

kouji said...

thanks for dropping by my blog again. :) and again, good luck.