Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cebu SEO Contest Ends Today

Finally, the Cebu SEO contest ends today with a lot of controversies and other side bets after 2 months that it took off. This is just some small SEO contest but I guess what contributed to the chaos which only took a while are the rules.

Yes it is with the rules which is actually 0 rule contest. Anyone with a site that can give the organizer a link and post a blog about the contest plus make that site rank on top in Google with the keyword Cebu SEO contest September 2, 2008 wins. There are only 3 prizes so the winning entries will take only the top 3 slots.


SEO Contest said...

so where is this cebu contest running to today?

looking for seo experiments said...

I want to be there but instead i am helping a friend in the seo contest to see through in his seo experiment and know what it is to be there. i hope you find what you are looking for.