Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Cebu SEO Contest did Not End

I was surprised that the Cebu SEO contest did not end yesterday after the organizer himself announced. I actually read in his rules that the said SEO contest was really about to end on September 8 but it seems everything else changed into September 2 but now its back again to the first original date.

What seems to be happening to the contest? What could be behind this sudden change of plans for the SEO contest checkpoint? Is there something hidden here or what? I do not know anything yet here but from my point of view the contest shouldn't have been moved in the first place. This will surely generate doubts as to what the organizer wants to do or what's in his mind extending the said contest.


the blogger said...

cebu is the place for this seo contest and i will try to win it today.

Cebu SEO Contest said...

it' useless to get links anymore for the cebu seo contest and so this one is for that just in time for the latest change in the SERPS.