Thursday, September 18, 2008

Students Should Be Guided by Teachers

Today the dilemma finally ended after a few days of battle to topple the effects of the work of a student who didn't realize the effects of copy pasting my content in the CAPTIVATING CAPIZ race. I would like to thank the admin and the organizer of the contest who helped me as well as the people who also gave their insights on the event of such a learning experience both for me and the person who copied my content about Capiz.

I took pride at being copied for reasons that is obvious that my content indeed is good enough to be wanted to appear in another blogger's blog just to say there is something there is on his part. I cannot blame the person but what I am so pittyful is that he did not realize how bad a mistake he did be it intentional to put me down in the captivatin Capiz contest or just to make up with some class requirement in school.

I hope this will serve as a lesson to all those who are looking to enter into the limelight of blogging because if you think that it is that easy to learn, I bet you not. Most of the time you will have to undergo a lot of experiences to be able to make yourself good at it. Anyway, there really is no ruch on that, just some learning experience on both me, the person who copied my content, the teacher and also those who are looking to blog.

For the person who copied my content, I urge you to still write but with dignity in giving your own idea to contribute to whatever is already there. Make some review instead of copying. This is just the start for you and you take it as a challenge next time and be cautiously doing things easy. It is important that when we do things, we know about it. There is always no need to rush things up and make a few hours of research just like what I did to arrive at the content that got copied. I don not blame you if you are literally new to bloggging but if you did this intentionally, it's your call.