Thursday, September 25, 2008

SEO on the Race for Srednarb Domains

At first I thought that there are so many among Filipino SEOs looking for the different domains that they can buy for the promotional items corporate gifts srednarb SEO contest but I was surprised to see that there are only a few who were indexed. There's still a lot of domains available for the contest entry if SEO are still looking for them today.

I'm beginning to think now if the decision of the organizer to have all techniques in would be a good decision at all for the contest rules because it seems that Google is not the one slow for the indexing of the contest entries but instead, the different SEO people were not yet on to any move. If they are planning to do something in the last few minutes of the contest, there is no way that the major sponsors will get what they want from the participants.

It should have been only white hat for my own opinion because if those who are planning to pour their all in link building the easy way, it will be hard for Google to find out about anything fishy so for those who are up to something in the last minute, I bet that this will only work in the last minute and not along the contest. The sponsors will not benefit from links in the indexed pages today because all the blogs are leading to the entries and not to the sponsor pages. This is just a safe opinion anyway and I still have a lot of work to do to be able to have a site indexed for the said SEO contest. I also read that Google does not encourage domains that are really dynamic and turning them into static by changing file names. This could be a turning point in the entry I am doing a push in to.