Saturday, September 13, 2008

My SEO Technique Made it to the World SEO Contest

What does the quote sign [" "] mean in the search engine language? It means as we all know from our html as exact match or exact phrase. When added to a keyword, it means that you are only allowing an exact match for a keyword therefore only allowing the search engines to see that you are targeting a specific keyword or keyphrase which a very good choice to use in a contest that so far always have 1 keyword of keyphrase.

I have used this technique for so many times now in so many SEO contests and I bet that this works and have been seen to work for all occasion if you are looking for the perfect chance to have your content or website indexed only on 1 phrase.

I have also seen how others were able to imitate this technique in the Busby SEO contest and I bet it helped a fellow Filipino win the 4th place in that SEO contest. Yes, my personal technique which nobody really sees anywhere else but first in my backyard have been even seen in some world SEO contests being used by a fellow Filipino participant. Congratulations!!! Mind you, I am the first one to use that technique and a frien knows all about that when we used it in another small SEO contest and had it tested there.

Now, I am also using that same technique and I tried puttin it in the title tag to see more of the great effects that it can give to my entry. I am joining the "Captivating Capiz" contest and I am using that same technique and I saw that there are already quite a lot of followers who also have been using my technique.