Wednesday, November 26, 2008

YouTube Goes Wide Screen HD

YouTube is now on HD and available for those who have their high technology PC monitors at home and in the office. This new high-end development in the video streaming technology is perhaps not the first of its kind but is surely one of the best indicators that YouTube, the Google-owned video streaming and uploading service is up to some really good service both for all its users as well as all the SEO webmasters and bloggers out there who are looking up to the new service.

In the latest video on the Pubcon in the Las Vegas, it is part of the presentation of Bruce Clay, a well known search engine marketing consultant that Google is looking to develop some sort of a new algorithm that cannot be just set aside. The reason for this is because he has personally seen some great changes in the last quarter of this year as the biggest and most advanced search engine in the internet business today is our for something else this coming year 2009 for all SEOs out there who have been little by little resorting to different systems of analyzing and bringing traffic to clients and personal websites.

I hope that Bruce Clay is just right about his assumptions as this occurrence will bring in more professionals in the field of SEO and SEM or search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

See sample video presentation of Bruce Clay's "ranking is dead" in wide screen or HD below.