Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outing and Swimming combined in Bulacan resort

We are out in a Bulacan Resort - Villa Krizelna and I am glad that today we found time to bond together, me, my wife Ana and TJ, our only daughter. It was one good hot summer season to swim and so we decided to go out and visit a resort in San Rafael Bulacan. Very nice 10-pool nature resort is what they have back here. The accommodation offered to us is great. The people inside the resort are all in good aura with their famous Bulakena smiles.

Anyway, talking aside, if any of you my readers ever find time to go out and look for a nearby resort in Manila, Bulacan is a good destination and Villa Krizelna is one of the most spacious and big resorts you can find in Bulacan.

You can visit their facebook page here - if you want to see more information or make an inquiry.

On the other hand, I found a newly made website for the resort here - Villa Krizelna Bulacan Resort. - by: Cebu Blogger