Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love Me Again Movie

Love Me Again movie is just a few days away and it will be shown its own premiere here in the Philippines after being successful in the last premiere held 2 consecutive days in the United States in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively. This is a good love story and a movie that people are already excited to see it even just upon hearing that it had its premiere in the United States and was moved to be shown here in the Philippines after the MMFF movies have had its time for the holiday treat to all the Filipinos.

I bet that many people and movie enthusiasts are already very excited in the premiere finally here in the Philippines of the Movie Love Me Again which stars two of the sexiest people in the showbiz arena in the Philippines - Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual. This will be yet another blockbuster for sure because in my other blog where I have featured about this movie, it is already filled with comments from people who are telling only one story which is that they are already excited to watch Love Me Again movie. I bet this will also be a big hit over in Cebu when it reaches the showing time of the said great love story movie of the year.