Thursday, January 1, 2009

Major Security Breach in Microsoft's IE Browser

IE or Internet Explorer is the official browser of Microsoft and we all know how secure Microsoft is when we are talking about the products that it is opening itself for public use. Today, I just read a major concern from BBC News about a major security flaw in IE browser.

In relation to this occurrence of major problem, experts say that it is advised that users of Internet Explorers must switch to another competing browser until the major security flaw has been fixed. The major security breach is said to be a dangerous situation because the internet criminals who were able to seek into people's personal accounts can put up a danger in breaking in and steal passwords.

This is a serious concern if this is true so my personal advice is to look in to other browser alternative in order to avoid your personal details to get stolen. A case of stolen identity in the internet could mean serious trouble both financially and business wise so we must avoid this as much as possible. On the other hand, I hope Microsoft releases everything about the reported major security breach problem in IE browser.