Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Dilemma is Over

Finally, the dilemma is over for me as the culprit decided to erase the content that was copied from my blog on captivating Capiz contest. I am glad that owner found a way through my call to remove the content that was copied from me.

I am thankful about what happened in the past few days because I really like the thrill that the occurring circumstance gave me. It taught me a lesson not to make good content, otherwise, you get copied by people who don't know yet anything about blogging or writing for the web.

There really is a big difference between the two as when you write for the internet, there is always an accountability issue or what we call as responsibility on your part and in providing an original content that you and your blog can be proud of someday, at least.

I only found out about the removal of my content today and I am glad about the fact that I do not have to come over just to check on the people who copied my content. I do not want to capitalize here more on because I want to take it as another event in blogging and joining SEO contests such as the captivating Capiz SEO contest. I learned another lesson here.