Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Eraser Heads Reunion Concert Pushes Through

After getting no success at all with the planned reunion concert by the Eraserheads with a sponsor, a cigarette company, Eraserheads band members get a savior in the new sponsor they have. i didn't get the name of the lucky guy.

Well, who's more lucky here but all the members of the said band that after disbanding back in 2002, they are back with their backs filled with 2 million pesos each when they finish the concert contract.

Cebu is clamoring for so long now that the said rock icon band in the early 90's would hold a concert in the popular city of Cebu for Cebuanos and Cebu SEOs who are willing to make a bargain just to see their idol band.


Cebu SEO Contest said...

earser heads has a concert in Cebu and they rocked the cebuanos there.

Cebu SEO Contest said...

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