Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looking for Jobs in Dubai

More and more Filipinos and I bet there are a lot of local Cebu residents looking for jobs in Dubai and I am not surprised. The reason behind is because the economic crisis has really vested on us especially in Asian countries where the export of labor workforce is relentless.

People are looking for jobs in Dubai because they believe as well as I that the Emirates will not be as badly hit by the current recession happening in the West. Europe for example has felt the effect of the recession in the United States and started to see the effects in labor lay off in different businesses.

Filipinos in Europe felt this and for this reason, they are looking for other greener pastures to eat fresh grass in. Filipinos or OFWs are used to this kind of set up and it has made them the more stronger when we are talking about jobs and looking for jobs to other countries. Dubai, UAE is an ideal place to go find a job, in fact, many Europeans have seen refuge in the Emirates, particularly in Dubai. The reason for this is because Dubai is truly amazing.

The only industry however that felt a little set back from the recession in the US and crisis in Europe is the real estate industry where we all know Dubai is investing in for the preparation of incoming tourists and to increase their tourism to a larger extend next year. I hope this won't affect people who are looking for jobs in Dubai in the coming of the year 2009.


Keri Foley said...

Hi, I'm planning to move in Abu Dhabi and I wonder if you know some company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi that is in need of SEO Specialist. Please let me know by replying on


masterofthe said...

Hello Keri,

I am sorry because I don't know any company over in Dubai who deals with SEO. There are few people however who do freelance jobs wherein they don't even need to come over to Dubai to work. Good luck and I wish you find one in your journey.