Thursday, August 28, 2008

Master Leo is the Favorite Player of Cebu SEO and Web Master

Guess who is this favorite SEO character by the Cebu SEO and webmaster is? None other than Leo, the master in Tekken 6. I still haven't played around with Tekken 5 DR (dark resurrection) but I am here playing with the new Tekken 6 Era. A new arena for the SEO who once mastered the Tekken arena in the amusement.

Today, this post is indeed very different because I want to take away my mind from the ongoing Cebu SEO Contest which is giving me a hard time helping a friend do something for his entry. I cannot help but play with other previous tag team champions. Today is the day that I went out for some fun and I did enjoy it I must admit.

Now here I am again and about to play the game called as the Cebu SEO Contest - a game for webmasters and not Tekken masters.


Cebu SEO Contest said...

Cebu SEO contest is a success and good luck to all the participants.