Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who Will Win Cebu SEO Contest?

A friend, James Baldonaza who joined the Cebu SEO Contest gets a lot of comments these past few days. Contestants to the Cebu SEO contest and other challengers and participants are bugging him about winning the contest.

First I would like to make things clear for all who might be reading this blog anytime soon. THERE IS NO RULE IN THE CEBU SEO CONTEST. What exists in this SEO contest are only registration requirements in which part is to have a link back using one post leading to the organizer website which we all know. Another is to have the home page URL and not the post URL in the comments section. If you didn't post the home page URL, then I believe that you didn't register at all...which means that you are not part of the contest.

The organizer made it clear to everybody that THERE IS NO CONTEST RULE and we all should stick to that. There is no disqualification in any domain as long as you have registered and gave 1 link leading to the Cebu SEO Contest organizer website.

NO ONE EVEN NEEDS TO RANK A HOME PAGE IN ORDER TO WIN, again, there is no such rule. If the organizer feels this is not right, then he must make a comment either using his official blog or using this post and I will welcome it anytime.

You can also win all three prizes if you rank in those three slots on top of the results at the end of the contest date. So BOTTOMLINE IS, IF YOU DID REGISTER YOUR "HOME PAGE URL" AND MADE THE LINK BACK TO THE CEBU SEO CONTEST ORGANIZER, YOU ARE A VALID WINNER. SUB URLS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE CONTEST BECAUSE THERE IS NO RULE!!!


cebu seo blog said...

i will win this seo contest for the cebu natives.

Geansai Gorm said...

Its very unusual to have an seo contest without steadfast rules. It means that not everyone is operating off the same playing field but hey if those are the terms well ce la vie....