Friday, August 29, 2008

The Olypics Gold Medal Contest for Cebu SEO Contestant

The Philippines got no gold in the just concluded World Olympics. We got zero once again and what does this mean? i don't know anything about it or what happened to the gold hopefuls that we have. Our bets, I thought had the big chance but when they were already playing, not even a glimpse at channel 9 about the contest on gold.

Better luck next time, contests are really something that we cannot pretend to win, we have to win it otherwise, we are a bunch of loosers, just like our Olympic athletes. I want us to win a gold in the contest for countries to have as much gold as other countries. This is not like the Cebu SEO contest wherein even if you loose, there is still another day. In the Olympics that happens only every 4 years, by that time, if you loose today, you might be as old as my grandfather. This way, you do not stand a chance for any contest.


olympics master in cebu said...

Philippines is already leading in the list with the no-gold country. perhaps the only one...