Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tzan Tza Ra Ran - Viva Cebu SEO Contest !

Now that the end is not just near, but instead, the end is here, all Cebu SEO contest contestant are hurrying up with their effort to reach the top of the results. There seems to be nothing others can do but to praise for the top spot owner. This contest brought a lot of fun for all the participants and it also brought thrill to all who had conquered the tops spot once. This Cebu SEO contest hasn't yet reached that summit and I don't see any reason why it won't but since I am helping a friend to get there once again, here is a post that will probably get it all done.

This is a post dedicated to that Cebu SEO contest entry because I want to help that entry reach the top once again. I am giving today, that Visayan SEO a link from this blog hoping that this will have a dramatic effect on his campaign to regain the glory of being on top for so many days. Although I know that nobody has been there for so long like him and it is a fact that every 3rd day, his entry will reagain back the old glory, I know this will give his entry a boost because the domain is in and the contest posts are also optimized for that matter.

Now we will see if this will do the trick for that Cebu SEO contest entry of his. It is almost no longer moving since tomorrow after I told my friend SEO to do this and do that but today, I will work out on that instead and keep it to myself. He is lucky if he sees this one. I gave him a link with an anchor text "cebu seo contest" and then updated this blog once more so that the search engines will see my post.


cebu seo blog said...

cebu seo contest made popular by some of the participants should have ended in September 2. Nothing was ever clear from the start.