Sunday, August 31, 2008

Google Dance Affects Cebu SEO Contest

The Google dance affected the Cebu SEO contest today. I knew it when the difference in the results started to slap in my face right after I typed the keyword of the contest which is Cebu SEO contest. Even the forum members all over the SEO community and webmasters of diverse levels have complained about the Google dance.

I really don't care so much about this status but what I am worried about are the earnings of my sites. There is a very big difference between the ordinalry algorithm but this dance is a lot different compared to just your ordinary algo. This is the same cry of forum embers and webmasters all around.

Well, just having you guys out there prepare for the worst update yet once again. This could be another slap or this could be another update especially for those who are up to selling links.


Cebu SEO blog said...

However often Google dances, the seo contest for Cebu will go on.